The Adora Charity App will be Re-Launching Soon!

The Adora Charity App has taken a wild journey. 

The Adora Charity app was imagined in 2014 by our founder, Kyle S. Thomas. The concept of partnering with users to send money to charity through advertising wasn’t new, the big difference – giving 50% away and making it happen every time we pick up our phones. 

Development and investment followed in 2015. The app was launched and quickly gained over 10,000 downloads…

And then crashed.

The original Adora Charity app was poorly developed. 

BUT we did learn a few really important things:

  1. Build the technology to scale – it’s hard to do good if the app can’t grow.
  2. The most important potential advertisers are the small businesses who may have never have placed a digital ad before. Why haven’t they tried a Google or Facebook ad before? It’s scary, complicated, and the customer service is HORRIBLE.

So we here at Adora have taken the time to build the customer service experience to work for these amazing small businesses.

We have over 12,000 marketing professionals who are willing to walk into a small business and help an owner with the Adora ad experience. Not just a ticketing system, email support (if you can get a response), live chat, or even phone support. Real people helping in person.

Now that our app is ready to re-launch, and our customer service is ready to help we are looking for some amazing influencers, charity volunteers, and generally good people who want to help us test and scale.

We’re launching the national marketing campaign in August of 2022 but we want to build our foundation and network starting in February of 2022.

If you are interested in helping out, being the point person in a city, becoming part of our marketing professional customer service team, or even working with the Adora team (we’ll be hiring in January 2022) then join our email list below and we’ll let you know when those positions are open for applications.